An overview of the technical contributions that aided in particular research or art projects.


A Multi-User, Virtual Reality Theatrical Experience Led By A Live Actor

(2019 - present) - Technical Director/Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (HMD), Live Performance, Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest2, Multi-user, Networked, Unity, C#, Blender, Multi-disciplinary team, Voice Chat, VRTK, Audacity, Kinect Tracking

CAVE2 Simulator

API and Tutorial for CAVE2 Development

(2013 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Unity, C#, Developed for end-users, Omicron

The Enterprise in Virtual Reality

Physics-based orbital simulation of the refit Enterprise in Earth drydock in 1:1 scale with multiple interior rooms utilizing user tracking and speech recognition

(2011 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Unity, Kinect Speech, Physics, C#, Blender, Audacity, Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Character Modeling/Rigging, Omegalib

Project Starfighter

A virtual reality Star Wars series of interaction experiments

(2015 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Unity, C#, Blender, Audacity, Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Character Modeling/Rigging, Character Animation


Input Abstraction Library and Input Streaming Server

(2011 - 2019) - Lead Developer

Integration of input devices, Mocap (OptiTrack/Vicon), Controllers, Network sockets, C++, C#, Java, PQLabs Touch Screen, Kinect Tracking, Kinect Speech

UIC Virtual Campus

Virtual UIC Architectural Study

(2017 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Unity, C#, Blender, SketchUp, 3ds Max


Visualization Tool for Scientific AUV Data

(2016 - 2018) - Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (CAVE2), C++, C#, Data Processing, Unity, Multi-disciplinary team, Omegalib


Assisting Post-Stroke Patient Rehabilitation with Interactive Games

(2016 - 2017) - Contributing Developer

Unity, Kinect Tracking, Physics, C#, Multi-disciplinary team

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project

VR Performance of US Soldier Experiences

(2014 - 2017) - Lead Programmer

Unity, C#, Blender, Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Android, iOS, Audacity, Virtual Reality (HMD), Oculus Rift, Multi-disciplinary team