Visualization Tool for Scientific AUV Data

(2016 - 2018) - Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (CAVE2), C++, C#, Data Processing, Unity, Multi-disciplinary team, Omegalib


NASA funded SIMPLE (Sub-ice Investigation of Marine and Planetary-analog Ecosystems) project deployed an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) under the ice-covered lakes of Antarctica. Precursor to sending a similar AUV to Jupiter’s ice-covered moon Europa. Successor mission to ENDURANCE.

Contribution Summary

  • Processed gigabytes of sensor logs, sonar readings, and images to develop a real-time virtual reality simulation of the AUV’s mission under the lake.
  • Developed applications for both Omegalib (C++) and Unity (C#) for display walls, laptop, and Oculus Rift HMD use.