Input Abstraction Library and Input Streaming Server

(2011 - 2019) - Lead Developer

Integration of input devices, Mocap (OptiTrack/Vicon), Controllers, Network sockets, C++, C#, Java, PQLabs Touch Screen, Kinect Tracking, Kinect Speech


A C++ based input abstraction utility library to provide access to a wide variety of input devices for virtual reality and other immersive display systems. Also provides a C++ server to stream device information over TCP/UDP sockets to C++, C#, Java, and Unity3D clients.

Contribution Summary

  • Integrated multiple device APIs such as OptiTrack, Vicon, Nintento Wii controllers, DirectInput/XInput controllers, Microsoft Kinect (skeleton and speech recognition), PQLabs multi-touch overlays, and Thinkgear brainwave.
  • Developed multiple client APIs for Unity (C#), Java, .net, and JavaScript.
  • Used by EVL as an 24/7 input service on multiple systems since 2011.