CAVE2 Simulator

API and Tutorial for CAVE2 Development

(2013 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Unity, C#, Developed for end-users, Omicron


A Unity package of tutorials and examples for streamlining Unity application for deployment on EVL’s CAVE2 Hybrid-Reality Environment - a 360-degree, 88 LCD stereoscopic display system powered by an 8-node computing cluster.

Contribution Summary

  • Designed to abstract, simplify, and guide the development of CAVE2 applications to end-users without the need to focus on cluster management, synchronization (in some cases), and the getReal3D for Unity middleware.
  • Drag-and-drop prefabs for ease of integration from a Unity project to a CAVE2 ready project.
  • Custom PlayerController and simulator mode for developement.
  • Used by both CS and non-technical art students to develop projects since 2016.