Project Starfighter

A virtual reality Star Wars series of interaction experiments

(2015 - present) - Author/Lead Developer

Unity, C#, Blender, Audacity, Virtual Reality (CAVE2), Character Modeling/Rigging, Character Animation


Project Starfighter originally began as a one of my ‘video game mechanic basics’ exercises to write a flight simulator from scratch using Unity to experiment with implementing classic game mechanics as found in games like X-Wing or Rogue Squadron which had effective, but different implementations of a combat flight simulator.

Over the years this also evolved to also be a 3D modeling exercise as I worked with designing my own ship models. The showcase models of this project are the Death Star Corridors and the Millennium Falcon (scaled exterior and interior).

Much like the Enterprise VR project, this is a constantly evolving virtual reality project experimenting with VR interactions like flight simulations and first-person shooters as well as developing my own 3D models to balance real-time interactions.


Project Blog (2015 - present)
Personal blog containing developer log updates on various projects. ‘Starfighter’ used for related posts.

UIC Engineering (September 2017)
Featured as the UIC Engineering’s Twitter banner in September 2017.

Star Wars Death Star reborn in virtual reality at UIC (March 11, 2016)
Interview by Siying Li, a graduate student at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University covering technology innovations for arts on Arthur Nishimoto’s Star Wars game for the CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment