Virtual reality representation of the UIC campus and proposed buildings.

Technical Highlights:

Revit, SketchUp, Blender, Unity, Virtual Reality (CAVE2)

The virtual UIC project started as a College of Engineering funded effort to develop a workflow for importing and enhancing campus building models for real-time interaction in virtual reality. Using the Revit model of the proposed Computing, Design, Research and Learning Center (CDRL) building provided by the architecture firm Lothan Van Hook DeStefano Architecture LLC (LVDA), I imported the models into Blender and modified as necessary to create a real-time interactive walkthrough of the proposed building, stepping through multiple rooms, and integrating text and 2D renderings provided by the architects into the virtual space.

In addition to the provided CDRL building, I also created custom models of the neighboring Science and Engineering Offices (SEO) and Engineering Research Facility (ERF) buildings. Other geographic information system (GIS) building models were used to fill in the surrounding area near campus and a more extensive Chicago building model by Andrew Lock was used for the downtown skyline. 

My custom SEO and ERF models were based on architectural 2D CAD floorplans of the building plus some measurements that were done by hand. 

This work has been showcased in the CAVE2™ Hybrid-Reality Environment at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory by several VIP guests of the dean of the College of Engineering including the chancellor of UIC, President of the University of Illinois System, and local and state politicians. 



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